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Who We Are

"At the Detroit Drama Studio, our actors are professionally trained and prepared to dive deep into their work and perfect their craft through consistent practice and relentless commitment to learning the Chubbuck Technique".

- Brian Taylor

In 2013, I had the fortunate experience of training with actress, writer and director, Tasha Smith. Tasha introduced me to the Ivana Chubbuck technique and from that moment, I witnessed my career take off in ways that I could not have imagined prior. I began to use this method in my acting and script analysis and it has helped me to book roles in theatre, commercial, voiceover, print, and film. In 2015, my sister and I opened our doors for actors training and networking as the Detroit Actors Society. As our organization grew, I felt that it was time to become certified to teach the technique that had brought me so much success in my career. In 2021, I had the privilege of training directly under the tutelage of Ivana Chubbuck at her studio in Los Angeles with some of the greatest acting coaches in the world! At the conclusion of training, I received my official certification to teach the Chubbuck Technique.

I'm your coach, Brian Taylor, certified Chubbuck coach, adjunct professor at the College for Creative Studies, and S.A.G actor, with experience in theatre, film, commercial, print, and voiceover. I am the only  Chubbuck certified acting coach in the states of Michigan and Illinois. 

As your coach, I have three goals for you. Number 1, I want you to become proficient in the Chubbuck technique. Number 2, I want you to find the power in your human experience. Number 3, I want you to commit to becoming a powerful actor! I can't wait to go on this journey with you as you find the power of the actor!

- Brian 


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